Move away from fight or flight toward your relaxation​ response


To have functional movement yoga classes available to all ages.

"Functional" as building skills:

  •  to live better in your body - 
    • increase body awareness, 
    • build strength,
    • increase mobility, &
    • find strength in your flexibility
  • to help focus your thoughts
  • to notice events and feelings, and learn not to attach yourself to them

Moving Into My Mind

THURSDAYS 10:00am-11:00am



Mixed Level Yoga

Held at Yoga Loft, Woodland Hills

Intention:  To incorporate moving meditation practices into daily routines to increase self-study skills, self-management skills, confidence, and compassion toward one’s self and others.

Yoga For Kids, Adults, & Seniors

Upcoming Classes

Using functional movements & yoga to learn to connect breath to movement and help quiet your mind & body.

Senior / Chair Yoga

Seated & standing movements