Along my fitness journey, I have trained with free weights & on machines, gone to kickboxing & spin classes, swam, roller bladed - you name it, I probably tried it.  In 2003 during my first pregnancy, I began practicing yoga at home, Pilates in studios, and read books on visualization & relaxation to help during delivery.  I began practicing yoga at home because it was easily accessible while pregnant and post-partum – it did not require equipment, just me, a mat & some time!  In 2012, at a friend’s suggestion, I started practicing yoga in studio classes regularly, which has been mind and body transforming because I have developed a thought and body awareness and a notable calm that no other movement program has cultivated in me.

In 2015, I completed my RYT200 certification through YogaWorks and began Moving Into My Mind in Woodland Hills.   In the Fall of 2017, I began my Yoga Therapist certification program at Loyola Marymount University.  

While teaching yoga, my intention is to promote observing ones body movements, sensations, and breathing during the practice.  I teach micro and macro movements that can connect our mind (our thoughts) and body movements to our breath to develop our relaxation response while in class, as well as in every day life situations.​

Through a regular and consistent yoga practice, I believe we each can:

  • increase physical mobility (flexibility);
  • increase physical balance and strength to support our daily movements;
  • increase our mental and emotional focus; and
  • improve our recovery time from physical, mental, & emotional stresses.

About Us

Yoga in Woodland Hills

Moving Into My Mind offers a blending of Hatha style yoga, therapeutic movements, and breath exploration to teach children and adults tools to develop physical, mental and emotional balance and strength.

mini yogis tween/teen certification, November 2015

My Journey to Develop

​Moving Into My Mind

Groovy Kids Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training, January 2016

Yoga For Kids, Adults, & Seniors

I love the foundational standing poses because they are the building blocks for all poses.  After focused work on the mat, I treasure savasana, the final resting pose, because it is my reward for practicing and listening to my physical and mental needs.  Savasana is like the tootsie roll inside the tootsie pop – you enjoy working through the hard candy to get to the middle and then there’s a softer sweetness to enjoy.

 I love teaching yoga because yoga is a dynamic physical, mental and emotional practice where we can play, explore, and create together.  I especially enjoy experiencing yoga with beginners and being a part of them developing new skills for life at any stage of life.

Paula Russell
Owner and Teacher