Yoga For Kids, Adults, & Seniors

Even when we practice together as a group, moving meditation is an individual experience with no judgment of “good” or “bad.”  We cultivate a personal experience with moments of growth in a supportive group environment.


Classes & Programs

​My class at Yoga Loft offer a variety of yoga movements in a relaxed environment. 

Mondays, 9:00am-10:30am: Mixed

     This class welcomes all practitioner levels ~ whether you are new to yoga or have an established practice.

     Each class will move slowly through poses with logical movement connections.  Some days will focus more on strength or balance, while other days will focus more on stretching or breathing.  

     Each class will work to engage each part of the body.

The Senior/Chair Yoga focus is to move and open all body parts gently and learn tips to incorporate such movements into daily routines to increase body awareness, mobility, and stability.  This class is a chair-based and standing practice.

Want a program for a group of friends, at your place of employment, or a social group?  Please contact us to talk through the details - we would love to explore the possibilities!