Private or Semi-Private sessions provide an opportunity to focus on your individual needs to develop or personalize your yoga practice.

Private or Semi-Private Sessions

Do you ever look at pictures of yoga "posers" and feel like you could never do that pose or feel like your version of that pose is inadequate?  Or do you want to take a yoga class, but are not sure which class is right for you?

Private or semi-private sessions can help you work through those types of mental road blocks and find ease and strength for your body and mind in the right class for you.

When we begin a yoga practice in a larger group studio setting or, perhaps, at home with yoga videos or online resources, we may not get enough individual attention to personalize our yoga experience.

Whether we have specific injuries, general soreness or stiffness from our day-to-day activities, we can achieve greater benefits from our yoga practice when we learn to adapt our practice to our own body.

Yoga For Kids, Adults, & Seniors

Private or Semi-Private Sessions